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Managing and tracking a company's energy usage is crucial to its own competitiveness. Managing it digitally through integrated software has the potential to not only make businesses competitive, but give them the leading edge.

Rising energy costs are an identified risk for any manufacturing company. Britain’s businesses need to increase their investment in strategic energy management and technology in order to ensure their competitive position.

So how can manufacturers ensure energy is a controllable cost and not a fixed overhead?

Danny Scott, Founder at Business Forensics believes energy efficiency will increasingly lie in software rather than hardware. 

Danny says: “One of the most important requirements for any businesses is for consumption information to be presented as a meaningful metric. Often for businesses this means energy consumption relative to production.

We believe energy efficiency will be driven more by software and less by equipment and plant. businesses need to be able investigate their data easily in order to drive consumption down and more often than not we find they have significant amounts of energy consumption data available but no structure.”

We have worked with leading names in industrial baking, plastics manufacturing and automotive production, all of which were experiencing increasing energy consumption in line with growing product lines.

Mitigating the impact on both cost and the environment and helping to alleviate climate change were crucial drivers for these businesses in addressing their consumption against a backdrop of rising energy costs.

Working closely with in-house IT departments to integrate our management systems with their own systems to enable production to be tracked in the same timeframe and boundary as energy. This enabled reporting to both management and operational staff with meaningful representation.

Where clients have multiple locations, we ensure detailed monitoring is in place to enable measurement and verification of the outcome, thus allowing best practice to be shared often across very different manufacturing sites.

Investment v Tangible results

So what tangible results can investment into technology-based energy management systems give businesses?

Our job is to help clients understand investment decisions with greater clarity and most importantly verify their performance.

“Structured energy data on demand, visibility and measurement of projects delivering annual cost reductions, increased stakeholder engagement throughout companies and the reduction of risk from carbon compliance (CCA) are all key benefits.”

“Our mission is to empower positive change through greater intelligence in all organisations through the application of energy management software. We believe that all organisations have the scope to be more sustainable in their operation, where ever they are in their life cycle.”

Your Trusted Business Analysis Partner

At Business Forensics we leverage the combined purchasing volume of our members to negotiate preferential pricing with trusted and best value suppliers across a number of indirect spend categories.

We focus on facilitating strong supplier relationships to be able to grant our members immediate access to savings averaging 15-25% across the categories we represent and continually growing our network to ensure prices continue to fall as our purchasing power increases.

Our turnkey service is fully managed and continually optimised, providing our members with easy access to the lowest possible prices.

If you don’t have the time, resources or buying power to ensure you are securing the best deals and maximising profitability, please speak to us today.

Our Process;


We will cleanse, categorise and analyse your spend data and review current contracts and invoices to identify saving opportunities.


We will utilise the collective buying power of our members and leverage market leading pricing from our trusted suppliers.


We facilitate and manage your transition to our trusted suppliers, granting you access to immediate savings – hassle free.


We ensure ongoing competitiveness by constantly leveraging volumes for our members and continually monitoring suppliers to ensure your savings are maintained.

Our Promise

Immediate cost savings in essential business categories.
Access to ‘bulk pricing’ without increasing purchasing volumes.

Operational efficiency – remove the need for internal procurement administration and supplier contract management in core categories.

Continued monitoring - Prices continually monitored & reviewed by your dedicated account manager to drive down pricing & ensure best value.

Kaizen energy review

We will demonstrate an end-to-end energy solution for energy requirements and is carried out in two phases.

Intensive on-site energy review

Our intensive on-site energy programmes are designed to accelerate energy and carbon savings.

We have developed the programme to help eliminate waste and encourage continuous improvement, which will subsequently improve energy performance.

Using this model, we analyse current processes and conditions, identifying and evaluating opportunities to rapidly improve energy performance.

The programme uses a modular structure so that it can be applied to any organisation or property, as the tools and techniques employed are flexible and scalable.

During the programme, our consultants encourage your team to challenge conventional thinking and focus on idea generation in order to identify inefficiencies and explore options for improvement.

Our programme creates a 'one team' approach that simultaneously involves, empowers and educates your team to ensure identified improvements are embedded into your organisation's culture, processes and procedures.

Dramatic results

Our diagnostic energy health check and our intensive on-site energy events typically deliver energy and carbon emission reductions between 20% and 30%

A typical programme will:

deliver a cost effective, measurable energy optimisation programme

identify projects to reduce energy use and improve efficiency

secure buy-in from key stakeholders

deliver an investment strategy

implement sustainable change in a short timeframe

accelerate the energy management process

provide project management tools for the future.

Energy management

Our energy services help you use energy more efficiently, eliminate waste and reduce your bills. This service will reduce your usage with onsite low carbon technology and energy generation.

Measure by the minute

Our energy management services help you to:

get detailed reports on your energy usage

manage consumption

set targets on reducing your output

get accurate and frequent meter readings through smart metering — so you know exactly how much energy is being used, pinpoint times of high usage and eliminate waste

manage consumption through our energy health check services — we’ll help you manage your requirements from a legislative, political and commercial perspective

evaluate short-term, low and no cost options as well as a range of medium and long-term actions with an outlook on the return on investment

Manage and reduce

Our energy management services will help you deal with changing energy prices and increasing legislative pressure.  We’ll work with you to design an energy strategy that will help you control carbon emissions, minimise risk, reduce costs and enhance your corporate reputation.

We’ll provide:

carbon and energy management services — advice on energy management including in-depth plant and equipment studies 

energy mapping — track the energy consumed and lost

a Kaizen energy review that will challenge your current processes, practices and operating parameters 

We’ll make sure you’re compliant with all the relevant legislation including:

carbon foot printing — quantifying and reporting on organisational carbon footprint, developing and implementing best practice carbon foot printing processes.


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