Meter Operator Provider & DA/DC

Meter Operator Provider & DA/DC

If you have a half hourly (HH) electricity meter then it is a  legal requirement to  appoint  a meter operator and data collector. Your MOP contract will cover meter maintenance, fault fixing and the essential telecommunication infrastructure required to provide your chosen supplier with your consumption data.

Business Forensics can facilitate the appointment of your MOP contract with one of the UK's largest energy data management providers, typically at a cost much lower than your current supplier.

In addition to the meter operation we will also amalgamate into your agreement the Data Collection (DC) and Data Aggregation  (DA) charges. The opportunity for consumers to nominate their  own DC/DA has existed since 1998. Many customers have still not taken advantage of this, leaving their chosen supplier to appoint their own preferred provider. However, by nominating your own,

potential savings of between 10% and 50% can be achieved.

Our data services will give you complete peace of mind and we   will ensure that the data is accurate and independent from energy suppliers, building the foundations of energy management and efficiency opportunities.

When you sign up to a MOP contract with Business Forensics, you will gain access to our unique energy management portal.

Our combination of intelligent monitoring tools gives you greater control of your energy consumption and allows you to monitor and manage your energy usage to ensure efficiency and make savings where available.


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