Monitoring & Targeting

Monitoring & Targeting

Our unique energy management portal allows you to manage every aspect of your energy usage, with a simple yet informative dashboard. The portal gives you real time data for all your utility meters across multiple sites and gives you early warning of any unexpected levels of consumption caused by poor energy efficiency or equipment malfunctions. The system also alerts you

to operator errors, unwanted user behaviours and lack of maintenance.

The key features of using our energy management portal...

Easy access to your whole company energy portfolio in one secure system

No tie to a single supplier or data solution

Visibility of energy patterns over time

Collation of all energy data and related data in one place

Comparison of data at measure level (up to group and regional)

Capture renewable energy exports and energy consumption data

The key benefits of using our energy management portal...

Complex data made simple

Quick analysis of data to see where energy is being wasted so you can make efficient changes and create long term solutions and savings

Flexibility to model your data according to company structure

Trend analysis and tracking energy consumption to identify cost-saving opportunities

Achieve ‘end to end’ view of your entire utility portfolio at the click of a button

Scheduled export of data consumption or graphical presentation



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